Posted by: yu5h | May 12, 2009

What questions do you have?

We have put together an exciting set of case studies for tomorrow’s agenda, and are very much looking forward to meeting you (if you are not joining us, do follow us @pmtc09. Also our hash tag is #pmtc09).

More than anything else, pmtc09 is a conversation and we thought we’ll kick things off with some questions: What would you like to ask our panelists? What are you looking to learn tomorrow?  What is your one sentence description of Twitter?

Please post your questions in the comments section below or send them to us as @replies (we are @pmtc09).



  1. Interested in how twitter can be integrated into a push/pull online marketing strategy?

    How to keep tweets authentic and interesting, rather than propaganda?

    How much is enough, how much is too much?

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